Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tea Tree Gully Art show

Next Tuesday evening is the opening of the Tea Tree Gully Art Exhibition make sure you all get along and support local art and craft many of the TEA TREE STUDIO members have work in this show it would be great for a large turn out!!.. This year it is being held at The Golden Grove Arts and Rec centre on Golden Way opposite The Village Shopping Centre see ya there!! Tuesday 16th Aug 2011 at 6.30pm

And while you're there check out the Golden Grove SALA Exhibition in the Gallery :))

Thursday, June 9, 2011


The Tea Tree Gully Library recently had and exhibition of local aboriginal arts groups for reconciliation week. This was a lovely setup in the Library foyer and most shows now will run for longer as the 2 week display just wasn't log enough really.. I checked out some great paintings and the semaphore mens wood group did a great display too..

tuesday tuesday tuesday...

Tuesday evenings at the club may be chilly but the class enthusiasm hasn't wained...we just rug up crank up the heat and drink tea!!! and with all that enthusiasm the subjects are changing, getting more challenging and frankly large.
So thats the drawing class the sculpture class and members are getting stuck into some glaze work. We're looking into what makes a glaze, what do you put together to get a glossy mix. At the moment we are using the Currie system and getting lots of tests through for the next glaze firing..
Learning about OCH&S and frankly the practicalities of getting powder into a jar... all going well some tiles will be out soon..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

this is how we do it...

 A lil footnote to mr photographer from friday's photo shoot at the club who didn't want images of us drinking tea.... this is how we do it.... we drink loads of tea and coffee and we make work at the same time see :))

Last night efforts at the club the tuesday night group and class Tina's production line for her wedding gifts.. the whole team were at it last night's line up for glaze cleaning sponging and kiln loaded, firing today!

a gift commissioned by kem for her friend "I love you baby" Frankie Valie...ceramic drop mold plate, slip deco, scraffito and pen draw additions..

see mr photographer :))