Sunday, September 7, 2008

weekend pit firing

A great sunny day for pit firing and well lots of great company too...

After a rather cool and rainy day on sunday the pit was cool enough to empty today so we did!!!
Belinda and myself dove in a rummaged through the remnants of the fire pulling out all sorts of lovely pieces.... stills to follow..

All the work is now at the clubrooms ready to be oooohhed and ahhhed at.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bus Trip to Clare

Bus Trip To Clare

Last Saturday was our bus trip to Clare,a great time was had by all.
Although it was raining outside,inside the bus was full of song and laughter.Yes we had the old sing-a-long at the back of the bus.
First stop for morning tea, Auburn the gateway to the Clare Valley,rich in history and heritage buildings.
Auburn Gallery "You must remember this" 20 Main north road,Auburn.A wonderful welcoming morning tea was had by some of our group,take my advice and try the Devonshire tea it was great.The owners of the gallery made us feel very welcome.
Next stop the Town of Clare where we had lunch,then on to Scarlattis gallery at Mount Surmon Wines.The art work on show was by Grace Delaney titled "Mixed Elements".
The last Stop was a visit to Historic Martindale Hall.Email:
The bus arrived back at Tea Tree Gully approx 5:45pm